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"A candidate that rises

                 above the political fray."

About Coleen Snow

Coleen has shown her dedication to our community by serving on the School Board for 6 years, the last five years in her capacity as president.  During her tenure, she was successful in fostering a new culture of transparency and inclusiveness at the School Board.  She plans to promote the same at the Town Board level, meaning our community will be welcomed at its meetings and encouraged to engage.


Coleen is a dynamic personality who demonstrated the power of effective communication by initiating monthly meetings between the Town, the Village, the Chamber of Commerce and the School Board. She has volunteered her service on the Christ Church Nursery School Board for the last 16 years as well as her volunteer work at Mizzentop Day school for the last 3 years. Coleen is also a member of the Pawling Rotary.  The town will accomplish much more with such a spirit of collaboration that has been felt by each family who interacts with our school system.  

Additionally, Coleen’s professional training as a licensed clinical social worker means she has the skill and experience that would be neccessary to advance a new culture of respect, collaboration and trust at the Town Board.


In a community as strong as Pawling our Town Board should reflect the very same principles which we hold dear in the Pride of the Harlem Valley.

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