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I have promised a fresh perspective if elected to the Pawling Town Board. By way of one example, I am pleased to introduce my green initiative for the Pawling/Holmes community! My team has researched other Hudson Valley community initiatives and while our success would require participation from both the public and private sectors, I would be enthusiastic about leading the charge. The town has already implemented measures such as converting to LED lighting in public spaces. I applaud the village for taking the bold step of installing charging stations for electric vehicles. We can do much more given the potential benefits, which are detailed below . . . 

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  • Reduce Pawling/Holmes Carbon Footprint through:

    • Exploration of wind and solar energy alternatives

    • Support current efforts of Pawling Community Foundation to improve Lakeside and Murrow Parks with no taxpayer money

    • Work with the state to explore grants and funding to promote green energy

    • Collaborate with Dutchess County’s existing green initiative

    • Work with the Pawling Village and Chamber of Commerce to implement specific green initiatives (noted below)

    • Work with Town and Village Planning Boards in exploring “green” building incentives

  • Reduce Energy Costs

    • Town and village building energy expenses could be reduced using green alternatives

    • Residents can learn and consider taking advantage of similar energy alternatives

    • Explore wind/solar farms for reducing costs

  • Boost Eco-Tourism

    • Our beautiful community is already a destination for nature lovers. The Appalachian Trail is one shining example. Going green will provide an even greater appeal.

    • Receive positive media coverage for being a leader in the Hudson Valley on “going green.”

  • Community:

    • Generate civic pride through a collaborative effort of protecting our environment for future generations.

    • A cause everyone can get behind: School children, seniors, local businesses, residents.

    • Health benefits from reducing our carbon footprint.


  • Learning about alternative energy sources from experts including:

    • Wind energy (already permitted in Town Code)

    • Solar energy (creation of a Pawling Solar Park or joining an existing one)

    • Cost-efficient public and private lighting options

  • Educational events at the library on reducing our carbon footprint

  • Chamber-sponsored reusable shopping bags, sandwich wraps

  • Compost Pile at the Transfer Station

  • Community Gardens

  • Clearly marked blue recycle receptacles throughout the village

  • School activities raising awareness of litter (“Give a hoot, don’t pollute”) and “reduce, reuse, recycle” activities

I am seeking community input on these ideas and would greatly appreciate your

response to a two-quesiton survey on Facebook:  CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE


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